Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Going... Going... Ghana

On Saturday, I met friends at a local sports bar to watch the US-Ghana World Cup game. Your typical game-day experience, but with the added bonus of about 15-20 boisterous Ghanaians cheering for their team (Ghana Black Stars). Their enthusiasm started with a rousing rendition of their national anthem at the start of the game and continued for the entire game. They started a few "USA" chants a various points in the game. They may have cheered for the US team more than all the Americans did.

Post-game, Janssen and I went over to congratulate them on the win. When Janssen mentioned that I’ll be moving to Ghana for a few months, I was greeted with a shout of “Sister!” and given a brotherly, pat-on-the-back hugs. The Ghanaian fans encouraged us to take pictures with their flag and seemed genuinely excited to share their joy with us.

In my other experiences meeting Ghanaians (primarily my co-worker Kirby and his friends and family), I have found them to be just as friendly.

If the Ghanaians who haven't left the country are even half as welcoming as the ones that have, I think I’m going to like it there.

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