Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Millenium Development Goals

Coverage of the Millennium Development Goals is in the news this week, as there is a summit of world leaders going on Sept. 20-22 at the UN in NYC to discuss progress towards the MDGs.  Almost 150 world leaders were expected to participate in this status check towards achieving the goals by the UN-set deadline of 2015. President Obama's speech to the UN today describes a new initiative, the U.S. Global Development Policy, which will "seek partners who want to build their own capacity to provide for their people" and support "development that is sustainable".  The Pulse program overall is well aligned with this new initiative, as the point of the Pulse program is to support sustainable, lasting change in the organizations and countries that we support.

The focus on the MDGs this week is great timing for my upcoming trip to Ghana, since my project is directly linked to two of the eight MDGs: "Achieve universal primary education" and "Promote gender equality and empower women".  As part of the School2School project, I'm supposed to help the teachers in Ghana and NYC learn how to view some of their lessons through the lens of the MDGs. I hope that the teachers on both sides of the pond are aware of this summit and are ready to use the news on it as part of their lessons.

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