Saturday, October 30, 2010

There's only one thing that smells like bacon...

Our cook, Lisa, chose yesterday to be the day that she added bacon to the vast repertoire of tasty foods she cooks for us. It was real American style bacon. The stuff that makes a burger better. Not that lame stuff that Canadians call bacon. Until the moment I saw the bacon on the plate, I didn’t think there were any foods I was craving. Turns out I was wrong.

When combined with the fried plantains and toast with cheese, it might just be the perfect breakfast.

While typing this, I realized that I should have taken the bacon, two pieces of toast, and The Laughing Cow cheese spread and made one of my all-time favorite breakfasts: a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.

Odd fact: the eggs here have yolks that are a pale yellow, lighter than the standard Post-It Note, rather than the bold Crayola-marker yellow of US eggs. Must be something in what the chickens eat.

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