Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In God we trust, all others pay cash

In honor of being back in Ghana, I wanted to share with you one of the first things that travelers notice when arriving in Ghana:  the proliferation of business enterprises with an explicit nod to Christianity.  One of the main reasons cited for the ubiquitous nature of God-themed capitalism is the belief that it should help bring God’s favor on the business.  Taxi and tro-tro drivers also get into the game by posting religious names on the backs of their vehicles.  Not surprisingly, evangelical megachurches do pretty well here.  Since there are enough unique signs for multiple blog entries on this topic, today’s list focuses examples of the various sorts of shops out there. 

Ever had a meal that you thought was divine?  Maybe it came from one of these restaurants or caterers:
Genesis Catering
God Is Able Catering Services
Heaven’s Kitchen Fast Food
Jesus Saves Catering Services and Training School
God’s Grace Fast Food
King Jesus Kitchen
Holy Ghosteous Fast Food
No Jesus No Life Pastries

Think God doesn’t care how you look?  Not true, according to these businesses:
God So Good Salon
Count Your Blessings Cosmetic Shop
God Is My Fountain Hairdo
In God We Trust Beauty Salon
Jesus Opens Door Salon and Barbering
God of Mercy Salon
Godland Jewelry
Jesus Way Fashion House
Holy Head Fashion and Beauty Care

God is a fan of the blue-collar worker:
God Bless Furniture
God Is King Carpentry Shop
God’s Time Plumbing Works
God First Furniture Works
The Chosen People Welding
Jesus Christ Is Our Savior Plumbing

Did you know that God supports modern technology?  These business owners sure think so:
Jesus is the Answer GSM Phones
God’s Gift All Transfer Units [Editor’s note: transfer between mobile phone providers.]
The Lord Is My Portion Telecom Centre
Glory to Jesus Communication Centre
God is Good Foto and Video Production
Divine Media Video Productions
God’s Eye Photo Centre

For this last list of businesses, the only thing I know is that they want God’s support, as I can’t figure out what they’re selling:
God Loves Me Enterprise
Christ Is My Hope Enterprise
Him Is Life Trading Enterprises
Thank ‘U’ Jesus Enterprises
Because He Lives Ventures
If You Miss Jesus, You Have Miss Everything Ent.
The Evil That Men Do Lives After Them Ent.
Mygodius Enterprise

My favorite name so far?  Seen on our trip to the Volta region:
Arise and Shine Drinking Spot

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